A Message from the Editor

Welcome to ROAR Magazine, a print literary journal dedicated to supporting female artists!  The genesis of ROAR stemmed from a personal desire to contribute to the literary world in a way that might meld my background in women’s studies with my work as an MFA fiction candidate.

In the early twentieth century, Virginia Woolf wrote, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”  She wrote this in the tumultuous years of women’s suffrage, educational barriers, social, cultural, and political inequalities. She wrote this at a time when women’s voices were strong, but often silenced. She wrote this at a time when women were rarely afforded the luxury of financial independence or the freedom to create.

Eighty-two years have passed since Ms. Woolf’s dictum and the world has witnessed enormous changes for women. But in the spirit of nurturing creativity in women, ROAR listens to the echo of voices of pioneering women such as Virginia Woolf, and hopes to promote a place for the female voices of today and the future. ROAR cannot provide a room for our women, and it may take several years for us to provide adequate monetary compensation to these talented gals, but we can provide a space, just for them.

We hope you support us in this endeavor.


 Lisa Duffy

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