Welcome to ROAR

Welcome to ROAR Magazine, a literary journal that exists to provide a space to showcase women’s fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We are committed to publishing literature by emerging and developing writers and we aim to support the equality of women in the creative arts.

Check out ROAR’s 2016 Online issue below, featuring poetry from Carina Yun, Qinglan Wang, Jill McDonough, Meredith Maltby, Hannah Rodabaugh, A.E. Clark, Hannah Bonner, Betsy Johnson-Miller, and Elli Palmer. Artwork by Janna Doughty. Fiction and Nonfiction forthcoming!

ROAR accepts work that represents a wide spectrum of form, language and meaning.  In other words, don’t worry if your work isn’t specific to feminist issues. If you’re a gal, we just want your point of view.

You can reach us at editor@roarmagazine.org

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