“Where I Live Now” by Elli Palmer

If I could trace our history
through bloodlines and heart-maps,
across borders and millennia
I would return to the moment we were born.

Even then, when we were only
breath from primordial lips. I know
I would find our atomic-sized lives
intertwined. I have spent
one thousand lifetimes
in the space between your cells.

I will spend one lifetime
in your arms
and one-thousand more as ashes
on your wind.



I am a Senior at Smith College studying Visual Art and Poetry. As a queer woman poetry has become a beautiful tool for me to imagine stories and worlds that are often unseen. Recently most of my poetic work has been focused on writing about women and art- female artists, muses, and women in portraits and paintings. I am interested in how poetry allows me to imagine their stories, often unknown or forgotten.

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